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    Default redness across nose and on cheeks.... freaking me out

    hi guys about a month ago i started to see redness across my nose and on my cheeks..... its freaking me out i went to see a doctor and he gave me an anti fungal course of tablets and a steroid cream.... i have two days left to go but still no change.... its not sore raised or itchy ... it seems to get a little worse when the sun hits it,,, otherwise i feel great but it is effecting me as i am usually very healthy... can anybody help..... cheers tom from dublin, ireland

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    Hi tom!
    Sorry to hear about your condition. Can you please upload good quality pictures to aid in the diagnosis.

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    **tom brophy** Male

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    Mar 2016


    hi i am having trouble uploading pics,,,, do you have an email address i can send them too please

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    **MandyMay** Male

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    I never had such a symptom. It is very strange

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    **Hair transplant cost** Female

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    Try soothing skin with a honey mask. First rinse your skin with warm water, then apply honey liberally to red skin and leave it on for about 30 minutes before rinsing off. However, don't use honey if your red skin is due to a sunburn. Oatmeal is another natural anti-inflammatory, says Dr. Benabio.

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