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    Default RE:facial hair removal

    Actually guy female body does not look good with hair on body and face. However, they grow remarkably in some females. Know all the available hair removal treatment. Homemade remedies for facial hair and hair on other parts of the body are given. Try these facial and body hair removal tips that can be done at home using simple ingredients.

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    Hi mimico, I think it would be better if you will just go to a dermatologist and have your face checked. An expert knows best. They will tell you what's best to be done. Also, dont forget to go to a trusted derma clinic, for best result.

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    Waxing is best for threading. If you wax regularly, hair growth slows down over a period of time, and also waxing is less painful. It is easiest if you get waxing done at a parlor.

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    Default facial hair removal

    Facial Hair Removal problems? Remove your unwanted Facial Hair forever! Never pluck, wax or shave again. Learn the secret to Permanent Facial Hair Removal.

    Good luck!

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    Here are Your Options:

    Cream Hair Removal- it works as long as you use it properly and don't leave it on for longer than it recommends.
    Wax- if you use this properly also it should work, it never works for me but it. may work for you.
    Pluck - I takes forever and its painful but it works.
    Lazer - You have to go to a dermatologist for this and it costs a bit of money.

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    If your skin does not suits waxing then try threading its good just pain a lot while doing.

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    Default facial hair removal

    The more common hair removal methods include inexpensive options like shaving and depilatory creams for men and women. Shaving of course, is more effective facial hair remover in that it trims the hair off at skin level and leaving a smoother surface for about twenty-four hours. It's very fast, easy and extremely cheap. The mostly problem with shaving is that it doesn't last long at all and the hair often grows back thicker than before.

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    I had threading done ONCE. It is actually a funny story how it happened but I won't get into that. I would never do it again. I really didn't even need it done. I went to get a manicure and all of a sudden she was threading I can get talked into the strangest things sometimes. There are gadgets out there, especially if you have darker hair, that work great I am told. I am so fair that even if I had facial hair you wouldn't see it. My daughter uses depilatory cream and is happy with it. She tried threading and cried because it was so painful. It didn't last any longer than the depilatory cream.

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    Pattern balding should not be confused with alopecia areata, which commonly involves patchy hair loss. Extreme forms of alopecia areata are alopecia totalis, which involves the loss of all head hair, and the most extreme form, alopecia universalis, which involves the loss of all hair from the head and the body. If u wanna protect your hair then just come at here
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    I use katori wax for facial hair.

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