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    Default Severe Acne! Nothing Works!


    My 14 year old daughter has a lot of bumps and pimples on her forehead. They don't really hurt but she's just extremely insecure about it. Most of the bumps are usually seen under light. We've been to a dermatologist and he gave us plenty of cream and moisturisers but things are actually getting worse!

    It would be fantastic is someone can tell us what she has and more importantly, how to fix it!

    Also, I will try to attach pictures below.


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    I can't upload the picture onto here so:

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    I can't open the picture. Well if it was getting worse only in a firs month it's quite common when you start treatment because it's getting out mos of the bad things from your skin. I had similar problem plus my skin is really sensitive. You can try tee tree oil - but be sure to put in only on certain spots and vitamin D3. If it doesn't work you can check on curology reviews. I gave it a chance a few months ago and for now it's working.

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    Hi, sorry to hear your concern with acne. Sounds like you need to try a physician dispensed brand. Try Clenziderm by Obagi Medical. I would only uses this brand for acne concerns for a child that age. It is perfect for them. The walmart brands and CVS type brands wont really work. It is pricey but it works. A mildy cheaper brand to try would be Glytone. Please trust me on this and stay away from the brands you can find at the big chains. many sites sell these products but also talk to your doctor too, U can trust the sites online that are authorized, such as dermavenue or lovelyskin. Both these companies have good customer service

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    My friend is having the same problem too. I simply told her to wash her face with water regularly and put some ice on it. Ice actually helps with pimples. Though I know it will not remove oil but let her have ice on her face and she will see the effect.

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    There are many good dermatologist or clinic for acne treatment i can tell you one of the best surgical clinic in Dubai you should try out Dubai Cosmetic Surgery because they offer all kinds of services in Dubai , Abu Dhabi , Sharjah and all over UAE giving effective solutions to anyone going through any issue related to skin .Also, they have specialists or surgeons with experience. You could approach Dubai cosmetic surgery for free consultation.

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    There is very simple and easy tip that will work better for your acne,
    Mud mask (Multani Mitti) is very useful for acne, take some mud mask and add lemon juice, Milk, Turmeric and rose water. Make a mixture and apply it on the face for 15 minutes and wash with cold water. It is best for spots on face. This is excellent mask for summer. As acne appear more in summer season.

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    I have adult acne, and I noticed that any acne medication that I used with salicylic acid would make it worse. I tried a mask that has sulfur in it, and noticed that it helped clear up my skin a lot. I don't have time to have a mask on my face every night, though. I am so thankful I found dermalmd blemish serum! Since using this serum, my face has cleared up so much that people have actually made comments about how good I look.

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