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    A face lift also known as rhytidectomy is the cosmetic surgical procedure in which facial tissue is treated using various techniques to give patient’s a more youthful, less “worn-out” look that comes with age and skin problems. Facelift in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Surgery can be used to trim and tighten skin while removing fat pockets if necessary. Whereas dermal fillers and implants can enhance facial structure, skin quality can be increased using laser or chemical peels.

    A facelift procedure will naturally remove folds, wrinkles or sagging skin around the eyes, cheeks, mouth, forehead and jaws while enhancing the overall facial appearance of patients making them feel and look younger. You can learn more about face lift in Dubai by filling in our easy free consultation form to know how suitable it is for you and what you can expect out of it from our experts.

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    Thermage and IPL are excellent options for the best laser skin tightening treatment, offering firmer, younger-looking skin with few to no side effects and no recovery time. Laser Treatments are very effective and less risky options.

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