I've had clear skin since 7-8 years but after having a severe allergic reaction in a different state from where I live, I've been developing small white pus filled bumps on my face. They come and they go but leaves flesh coloured bumps afterwards. It's about to be a year now. I've tried doxycycline and most of the acne medications ​but nothing works. Desonide helps in clearing the redness but flesh coloured bumps are it's left overs. I've used proactiv years ago and it worked back then but when I tried that on these, it just made them worse. I've tried Eucerin sun protection lotion(thinking it to be PMLE) but it hasn't done much either. I use Cetaphil cleanser then a moisturizer and sunscreen. I clean my face twice in a day. I just can't get rid of it. I need my skin clean and plain as before. I have urticaria but cetrizine makes it go away. Please help if you can!