I'm 25 male. According to Fitzpatrick scale (skin color classification schema), I'm somewhere between type III and type IV.
Using over-the-counter deodorants (which I no longer use), made my skin around my armpits extremely sensitive: cuts started to open inside the armpit itself (where the hair grows). It really hurt for a while, until I went to a doctor and put an antibiotic cream that he prescribed me. Then it all healed.
Unfortunately, not too long thereafter, post inflammatory reaction (or so I was told) appeared on my skin, in the form of hyperpigmentation spots around both of my armpits. I went to a dermatologist and she told me to use hydroquinone cream. I've used it (a 8% concentration of hydroquinone) for a few months but there wasn't a change at all. The same doctor told me that I could try IPL treatments (or other types of laser treatments) but she wasn't sure that this kind of treatments would work, and she said that it might even worsen the situation, so I decided not to pursue it.
Other doctors I visited, told me that I'm wasting my time & money, and that eventually those spots will naturally fade away. I just need to be patient.
I've been waiting for ~4 years now. Nothing had faded, and I can't, and don't want to make peace with me having those spots for good. I'm really embarrassed by this condition, I don't go to the pool/sea because I don't want to be seen shirtless. Furthermore, if I'm staying at the sun for a bit too long, the spotted skin burns, even after so many years have passed. Even when I take a warm shower, and the hot water touches the blemished skin, it feels bad, as if the wounds are still there (and obviously there's nothing there). It seems like nothing had ever healed there...
I would appreciate your help in that matter, maybe someone, somewhere in the world is facing the same issue and can offer his/her help.

A picture of my condition can be found here: http://i68.tinypic.com/2mepdno.jpg

P.S Throughout the years, I have tried all kinds of alternative remedies: turmeric power, lemon juice, coconut oil, rubbing sliced potatoes on the spots (yea even that...) Nothing helped. It seems that this pigmentation is really deep.