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    Default what is this skin condition?

    I've had this skin condition for a few years now. It started with the middle finger of my right hand. There was a small rough spot and then it moved to my other hand. Now I have it on two fingers and the fingertip of my index finger. One dermatologists said it was contract dermatitis, but the medication didn't work. I visited another dermatologist, and he said it could be keratoderma. I've been googling it and feeling devastated. I don't have anything on my palms and soles, but i'm really scared. because from what it seems, this disease is a life ruiner.

    So, if it IS keratoderma, how does one live with it? Is there a way to stop it from getting worse and control it where it is?
    trying to upload an image but not working

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    **Marie Miguel** Female

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    Sorry to hear that. Have you tried anti-fungal cream and some home remedies like baking soda and oats?

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