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    Default How to prevent loss of hair

    I am in my early 30s and getting bald. What should I do to prevent loss of hair before age?

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    Hair loss leading to baldness early in 30's is not before age now-a-days. It is even common in 20's. Generally, baldness in males is hereditary which cannot be totally avoided but it can be delayed for few years. Take care of your eating habits and life style. Balanced diet and proper sleep, exercise etc. add to hair's health. Do have nuts like almonds (soaked overnight) and sprouts often. Meditate daily to control the stress factor, as stress leads to hair loss. Massage gently your scalp with good quality hair tonic. You can also visit good cosmetic clinic for few sitting of ozone therapy to help control the hair loss.

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    I’m really sorry to read about your problem. You are young, that you should be enjoying life and not worrying. But life is not always what we desire it to be. You have led to loss of hair. Please consult a qualified doctor to give you the right advice, if your hair problem is related to medical problem.

    If it is related to beauty problem, then I can say it may be due to worry & anxiety. I suggest you to do some deep breathing exercise and try to relax. Apply herbal tonic daily, and wash with a mild herbal shampoo. Use less shampoo, but wash well with water. Have sprouts and curds daily. You should also ask your doctor to prescribe vitamins and minerals. You may try minoxodil – a topical solution, too.

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    you must first get advice from doctor or qualified trichologist

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    Mix bananas, honey, yogurt and low fat milk. This drink is rich in biotin and will help your hair to have strong roots.

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    i think this is a problem that millions of people today are faceing. i cannot give you an exact solution for this but suggest measures that could help reduce hair fall. firstly keep your hair short as this does less damage to your roots. secondly keep your hair clean and oil them well before you wsah your hair.

    hope this helps

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    Well, my dad started to get thinning hair and hair loss, a few years ago, and he tried rogain, and it worked. Rogain may not work for everyone, but its worth the try.

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    thank you all for your nice suggestion

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    Well basically, it's to do with how strong your roots are.
    So as someone suggested, use something to help your roots stay strong.

    Also, watch the shampoo you use. Some of them, actually can weaken your hair.

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    If your previous generation had the same problem you will be bald too, in my opinion.

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